Sustainability and de-growth


Дата: 22-05-2010 | Автор: Yanina Lonskaya | Размещено: Environment , Green technologies , Opinions

Pavlo Khazan,
Institute of Nature Management and Ecology of the National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

Ganna Yeliseyeva,
Bologna University, Italy

The external financial, social and environmental factors have an influence upon human in different interconnections. [1]. The problem of the exact determination of these influencing factors is concluded in necessity to take into consideration indexes, which have a significant correlation, existing in dynamics, with indexes of human vital activity: ecological footprint and biological capacity. [1,2]. At the same time current world crisis of financial system, which mankind is suffering from, was predetermined by the system of economic relations, which has been accepted internationally long time ago. [3]

For the last decades growth was set as a main indicator of the government performance. The way, those target values for growth were reached, has been neglected. Now humanity is a witness of all consequences of the damage that agreed system caused and continue to cause to the environment. Recent attempts of the governments to switch from unsustainable economy to sustainable one showed that it

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