Dear Ukrainian!


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A long and difficult path of political self-determination will witness immortal
Ukrainian have their own statehood, be a sovereign among other free nations
of Europe and the world. Consistently and courageously went through the centuries to the Ukrainian people. Comprehensive development of Сulture, Education, effective and affordable health services, legal and social protection, political and religious freedom - все це має по праву належати громадянам України.So let’s assume, that Ukraine begins with each of us. And we are able to build a society, which will create conditions for comprehensive human development.

World experience shows, that most successfully developing the social system in which most fully reveals the creative potential of man. Independence of Ukraine stimulated productive development for all sectors and areas social life. It is free and responsible person is the main driving force of modern civilization, creator of all components of public relations – political, economic, social, legal, ethical, scientific, cultural.

I wish you success and fruitful work for the benefit of the Ukrainian people. Let this holiday you will be enthusiastic and creative achievements of the benefit of our independent homeland.

Happy Independence Day!


Chairman DOO Green Party of Ukraine Pavlo Khazan

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