Scandalous case around industrial factory «Russian Chromium – 1915»


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3-4 of June EU – Russia Summit in Yekaterinburg

Ecologists of the Urals will join together to identify their position to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. They want to pay attention of representatives of the EU on the situation around industrial factory «Russian Chromium – 1915» and the football World Cup.

Let me remind, that during the visit of ecologists to the factory at the begining of May 2013, it was succeeded to imprint the breaking of environmental legislation. Head of public ecological organization Efanova Svetlana shot it on videocamera. Video can be watched here

After the visit to the factory one of the activists was attacked, he got the hospital. The police brought him to the criminal case under article “Extremism”. Scandalous case of pressure on the ecological activist has attracted the attention of Greenpeace, Its representatives arrived in Pervouralsk and took assays of the water.

Results of water promptly received by Greenpeace Russia confirmed: all that made over the past couple of years by factory «Russian chromium – 1915» is not enough to reduce emission of environmentally hazardous effluents into the environment.

According to representatives of Greenpeace, the content of total chromium in soil assays at the discharge from the tube, leading from the sump of the factory, exceeded the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) in 96 times. In different points in the river Pakhotka (a tributary of the Chusovaya river, here also reset harmful substances from «Russian chromium – 1915») this figure is from 54 to 70 MPC. In assay collected at the discharge from the sump of the factory, sulfate content exceeds MPC in 38 times, sodium – in 14 times.

By the way, according to this most recent annual report (in 2011), water quality in the Chusovaya has deteriorated significantly, despite the fact that over the last 5 years, wastewater into surface waters in the region decreased by 183.32 million cubic meters (or 14.4%).


Back in 2005, in the Caspian Sea sturgeon fishermen were catching fish with high chromium that sailed from the Urals. It was found that chromium came from Chusovaya river – the inflow of the Volga. At the winter 2010-2011 Sverdlovsk Interdistrict environmental Prosecutor’s office revealed the fact of pollution the basin of the river Chusovaya river with toxic substances by «Russian chromium – 1915». It was noted that the factory uses outdated pollution control equipment, that cannot cope with the volume of pollutants emitted, thereby causing damage to the environment. The chromium that contained in the waste water at that time was exceeded in 20 times, and iron – in 46 times.

«Russian chromium – 1915» was obliged to develop the project of reconstruction of treatment facilities and to make appropriate reconstruction, that further discharge of wastewater was carried out with observance of existing norms and standards.

A year later, in the spring of 2012, residents of Pervouralsk collected signatures under the complaint to the environmental Prosecutor with a request to re-check the wastewater of «Russian chromium – 1915». Activists of public organizations together with inhabitants of the settlement Hrompik found a suffocating smell on treatment facilities, foam of an unclear origin on a water surface which goes to Chusova’s river. The result isn’t present still.


Author:  Efanova Svetlana

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